About Our Group

Independent credit Repair was established here in Tampa Fl. as a company that wants to help consumers get a better understanding about how important good credit really means.  We feel that consumers deserve a second chance, and the credit industry has a tendency to feed on the difficulties an average consumer faces thru life’s circumstances, of which maybe out of our control.   Many have been a victim of circumstance, and that’s why Independent Credit Repair came to evolve.  We pride ourselves on assisting those who need help repairing their credit.

We understand that credit scoring can help you understand your overall credit rating and help companies better understand how to serve you. Overall benefits of credit scoring have included faster credit approvals, reduction in human error and bias, consistency, and better terms and rates for American consumers through reduced costs and losses for lenders. While lenders may use different scoring models to determine how you score, and each major credit bureau has its own method for calculating credit scores, the scoring models have been fairly well standardized so that a score at one bureau is roughly equivalent to the same score at another.